SOCHI was founded by Miami & New York based designers + photographers SOfia Pagano and CHIara Mecozzi. Living in Miami for over 20 years, Sofia and Chiara are involved in multiple facets of the art industry, leading their passion to create SOCHI. Their main focus is to combine photography and design with fashion, resulting in a unique abstract concept showcasing art in the form of handbags, jewelry, and prints.

For their first line, launched in 2018, they have created a forward thinking collection of limited edition handbags as a form of wearable art. This collection created a platform for collaboration between artists and photographers, and became a way to highlight various cities’ distinctive attributes.

SOCHI captures a piece of cultural identity within each handbag.



SOCHI was born 4 years ago when lifelong friends Sofia and Chiara visited their hometown, Buenos Aires, Argentina. During this particular trip, they came across Italian photographer and designer Carla Bronzini where she played a great influence on the design of photographic neoprene prints as handbags. It was then when Sofia and Chiara decided to explore using printed neoprene, acrylic, leather and textiles, that eventually led to the unique design of the limited edition SOCHI handbag.