Close the Shutters | Calle Ocho Edition

Close the Shutters | Calle Ocho Edition


Each bag is unique and features a photographic print as its main design fashioning an effortless contemporary pattern.

An acrylic frame encompasses each piece allowing for collectors to either carry or showcase their SOCHI handbag.


Collector's Limited Edition


Materials: Digitally Printed Neoprene, Acrylic, Genuine Leather, Cotton Thread, and Metal. The handbag is made of waterproof material taking into consideration the tropical Miami weather, from rainy afternoons to amazing beach days.


We certify the authenticity of this item and confirm that it has been subjected to a quality control.

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Learn more about the photograph: 

Calle Ocho is one of Miami's cultural landmarks where you can find the best authentic Thai restaurant next to the best Salsa club with the most incredible music and mojitos. Walking around, you will find all sorts of diversions, from a group of Cubans playing Domino in a park to beautiful graffiti and art.  This photograph captures a storefront on Calle Ocho and how hurricane shutters are used to protect from high winds and tropical storms.